My usual fee for a local mediation is £750 plus vat per party (assuming that there are two parties to the dispute). This is a fixed fee that covers a one day mediation and there are no additional charges for preparation or travelling time or for time after 5pm on the day of the mediation. If there are three or more parties to the mediation the fees charged to each party will reduce.

I am based near Huddersfield and when quoting a fixed fee I add a contribution to my travel costs if I am travelling longer distances. For instance my fee for a mediation in Birmingham, Newcastle or London is £800 plus vat per party, and for mediations in Bristol and Southampton the fee is £1000 plus vat per party. Because the fee quoted includes travel costs I do not charge mileage, train fares or hotel expenses in addition.

My fees will be invoiced when the mediation is booked and they are payable before the mediation takes place. If you have legal expenses insurance please forward your invoice to your insurers as soon as it is received if you need funds from them to pay your share of my fees.

If you need to rearrange a mediation there is usually no additional charge providing you can give me sufficient notice. If you cancel your mediation or give short notice of a rearrangement I may still ask you to pay my fees unless we agree something different.